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Growing From a Crypto Coin to an Investor Portfolio

By Lucy Adegbe

A cryptocurrency portfolio is a collection of all the crypto coins and tokens a person owns. It represents investments owned across all cryptocurrency types. A portfolio helps you track and manage your inventory of online currency investments. 

To build a great portfolio, a person needs to: 

  • Learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading
  • Explore several types of cryptocurrencies
  • Choose the right crypto assets according to performance
  • Use a platform to store and track crypto

Now, all these and even a little more were achieved by Ms. Chinyere Bathlomew Okorie, using NairaEx

Who is she?

Chinyere Bartholomew Okore is a Lagos based professional who works as a customer service representative with get.io. She is also now an Investor who has been able to create and grow her portfolio of crypto asset greatly using NairaEx. 

What was her challenge?

In 2017, Chinyere decided to try out crypto and needed a platform where she can not only trade, but a simplified platform that is easy to understand. She believes that this will give room for her to learn and grow her knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Her challenge went she started out in crypto was 

  • Mode of initiating and completing a transcation 
  • Time to complete a transaction 
  • Ease of the platform

The trading platform she used at the time had a complicated mode of completing a transaction as users were made to list their coins and wait for an interested buyer to come along. She explained that not only was this process slow, there were lots of risks, the time to complete one transaction was long, she was charged outrageous transaction fees and the platform was too complicated for her to use as she had to always seek help from support which was also a hassle as even the customer support was not always available.

What was the solution?

The goal was to be a crypto investor and she know that the platform she used will not give her what she wanted. She was looking for a simplified platform with an easy-to-use interface which also has a better transaction process.

Chinyere was introduced to Nairaex by a friend in 2017 and she got registered and tried out the platform which offered her:

  • An automated process (transactions are completed automatically)
  • Speed 
  • An easy-to-use interface which helped her grow on her learning journey

What is the Result?

Since registered with NairaEx, Chinyere has completed more than 100 transactions and counting, she has created for herself a cryptocurrency portfolio and has made millions off trading crypto on nairaex. 

But the best part for her was being able to accomplish her investment goals and doing it with ease while “learning ön the job”