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Ukraine: Government Sponsors Educational Show on Cryptocurrencies

By Sagetwriter
Ukraine Cryptocurrency Video Course

The Government of Ukraine through its Ministry of Digital Transformation has released a web series to educate its citizens about Bitcoin (BTC), blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in general.

The series which launched last week under the Ukrainian government’s “Diia.Digital Education program”, consists of eight episodes averaging between 6-12 minutes of playtime.

Each episode discusses the basic concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology; with an interview session for industry guests hosted by former banker and entrepreneur Andriy Onistrat.

The first episode which is available on Youtube, introduces the idea behind cryptocurrencies, and blockchain as a transaction ledger. It further discusses the fixed supply concept of Bitcoin in contrast to an ever inflated/increasing supply of fiat currency.

Other crypto subjects such as Ethereum (ETH), smart contracts, and decentralization were also mentioned.

Interestingly, on completion of all episodes, viewers receive a certificate of participation for their efforts.

In all, the initiative forms part of the Ukrainian governments digital literacy strategy, with other niches such as blogging, YouTube vlogging being promoted.

It will also be recalled that Ukraine is ranked as the world’s leader in the Global Crypto Adoption Index 2020 following its friendly regulation, trading volume, and legislation of the industry.