09-11-2022 icon

Google Counts Down to Ethereum Merge With ‘’Easter Egg’’ Doodle

By Lucy Adegbe

World’s most popular search engine, Google, is counting down to the activation of the Ethereum Merge as a sign of recognition.

The Google ‘’doodle’’ is now counting down to the upgrade.

The nod from the search engine comes as Ethereum prepares to transition to a less energy-intensive proof-of-stake method of validating transactions in a few days.

Typing ‘’Etherum merge’’ in the Google search bar now displays a countdown clock, the hashrate, and a cartoon of two cheerful bears with open arms, approaching each other.

Analysts believe that if all goes well, both bears will merge to form a panda which will serve as a de facto mascot for Ethereum’s transition.

The  doodle suggests a level of anticipation for the Merge for even the biggest tech giants.