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Forbes Chairman Hails Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

By Sagetwriter

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media Group – Steve Forbes has described Bitcoin (BTC) as a “high-tech cry for help”, driven by a lack of trust in government and their currencies.

Speaking on a recent podcast where he discussed the trustworthiness of cryptocurrencies, the Forbes chairman said Bitcoin’s challenge is becoming a coin as trustworthy as gold – an asset he says has earned its status through the hard way over the years.

For him, Bitcoin can become non-sovereign money gold if it becomes a totally unhackable system and an asset with less volatility than it has now.

During the podcast, he started out by querying bitcoin’s price fluctuations; however he acknowledged bitcoin’s role in the current and future financial markets. He remarked:

“In the meantime, Bitcoin has performed a very important role in helping people in distressed situations around the world, getting around governments (institutions, really) that want to control you and starve you and hurt you.”

– Steve Forbes (Chairman and Chief Editor Forbes Inc)

Listen to the Steve Forbes podcast here. Bitcoin talk starts at 00:49

This he said as he emphasised bitcoin’s censorship resistance over regular fiat policies and impoverished control.

In all, the Forbes boss expressed positive views about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies; a surprise considering his involvement with traditional financial currencies.