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Essential Tips Every Cryptocurrency Newbie Should Consider

By Mary Ann Callahan

Just like in any field, there are some essential pieces of advice, which new members of the cryptocurrency world should adhere to if they are aimed to survive in the game. Some of the suggested tips can be considered laws that dictate you how to increase your chances of making it in the crypto exchange.

Cryptocurrency is fast changing and the laws which were relevant in the 2010s might not have the same impact in the 2020s. If you are new to cryptocurrencies and have plans of investing, use the following essential tips to maximize your chances of making it in the murky waters of cryptocurrencies.

6 Essential Tips For Cryptocurrency Newbies

Research! Research! Research! And Repeat

The significance of research in cryptocurrencies can not be overrated. This especially important when you are very new to the whole industry. All your decisions in cryptocurrency should be guided by research.

There are very many facets to cryptocurrency and the only way to understand the subject exhaustively is through reading about it. Fortunately for the newbies joining the game, there are enough informational resources available on the network. From online journals, published articles, books, videos to talks by experts, there is a number of shortages of information on cryptocurrencies.

There are also a lot of thought leaders with many years of experience in cryptocurrency. You can follow them on social media and keenly listen to their thoughts and opinions on current affairs in cryptocurrencies.

Just ensure that ALL your decisions are backed by available data and trends in the market. This way, you will reduce your chances of making poor decisions.

Always TAKE YOUR TIME Before Making Decisions

In cryptocurrencies, patience is the greatest virtue. In this world, rash decisions will mark the end of your success. The days of cryptocurrencies making overnight millionaires are over. You have to take your time in every move related to the risk of losing your hard-earned money.

Never make a decision based on the decisions of others only. You are a trader, not a copycat. People’s models of investment are very different. Some ‘hodl’ while others are outright reckless investors who just get lucky from time to time. If you blindly follow someone and do as they do without knowledge of their strategy, you will end up making very big losses.

The most important thing is to be patient and only make a move when you are convinced that the risk is worth it. This, however, does not mean that you become too skeptical and overly cautious in investing. This will take away the thrill of trading in the first place. The point here is to always proceed with caution and to take time before making decisions.

Understand How to Secure Your Info and Funds

Security is a key concern in cryptocurrency. Stories of newbies losing their funds to scammers can be heard here and there. Scammers are finding new ways to rip people of their funds and newbies should be on high alert when they join the world of cryptocurrencies.

Before opening wallets, divide some time to read how transactions are possible. It is important to understand how authentication of transactions takes place. New users should also educate themselves on how to keep their private info and funds safe in their wallets before they start making transactions.

It also helps to know the culprits of scams in the industry and keep away from them. Essentially, any exchange platform or coin which has had a scandal in the past should be a red flag and should be avoided. Only opt for the platforms and wallets which are reputable and are trusted by millions. After choosing the right platform, you can work on securing your personal private data and funds in the wallet from unauthorized access.

Don’t Rush to Diversify Your Investments

As a newbie, don’t try to invest in more than a coin at a time. Unless you are a genius, it is way too hard. It takes months and even years for some people to fully understand the dynamics of a certain cryptocurrency. You can, therefore, imagine how difficult it is to work with multiple cryptos at a time!

The best way to approach investing in cryptocurrencies is to rack up experience in one coin first before thinking about diversification. Diversification is very good when it is handled properly by experienced individuals. If one end of the spectrum is not working as expected, you can try your hand at another part of the spectrum.

Your aim should be to get well-versed with one coin before moving on to the others. The beauty of cryptocurrency is that there are very many options out there and the possibilities are endless. Most newbies choose to get started with BTC before venturing out to altcoins and this strategy seems to work most times.

Have Fun While At It

Although your money is always at stake, you should not forget to enjoy dealing with cryptocurrencies. Don’t be scared to take risks from time to time. Once you have understood the workings of trading cryptocurrencies, don’t be too scared to take measured risks. You will be surprised at how much profit your risks might end giving back to you.

You just need to be careful not to be drawn too much into the thrill of risking all your funds. There are days when you will make a profit and some days you will make losses. You just need to know when to take risks and when to play safe.


Whether you are a newbie or experienced trader, remember about risks. Most importantly, mind that you can reduce it by acting wisely and making research.