03-30-2023 icon

Elon Musk, Tech Administrators Requests Halt in AI Advancement 

By Lucy Adegbe

Over 2,600 tech executives and analysts have made moves to write an open memo advocating for a momentary halt on additional artificial intelligence advancement, over the panic of “profound risks to society and humanity.” 

Twitter owner Elon Musk, and Apple co-owner Steve Wozniak alongside several AI executives and analysts participated in signing the memo, which was posted by the US advisory board of Future of Life Institute (FOLI) on the 22nd of this month. 

The Institute convened that all AI firms instantly halt movement on AI protocols that possess more technical strength than GPT-4 for the next six months or more, noting worries that “human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks to society and humanity” and many more. 

So far, there seems to be a disorderly movement between diverse AI companies to create more tough AI, that not even developers can comprehend, anticipate, or effectively control, FOLI contended. 

Adding to the worries was the question if machines are likely to overflow news channels, probably with allegations and false details, and if these machines will fill up spaces to limit employment chances. 

AI, while being an aid to speech learning standards has facilitated the development of convincing photos, voice clips, and video reveals. Its technology has also been utilized to produce AI-produced artworks, with noted fears on whether it is likely to infringe copyright regulations in some situations.