04-17-2023 icon

Elon Musk Emphasizes AI’s Ability to Destroy Global Development 

By Lucy Adegbe

While big tech personalities globally operate to actualize the thought of an existing productive artificial intelligence (AI), to assist humans in their everyday living, many argue that the danger attached to the growing technology is brewing. 

In mid-March, Musk’s intent to develop a fresh AI business was published following claims that the Twitter CEO already gathered a group of Artificial Intelligence analysts alongside creators. 

Nonetheless, Musk went on to reaffirm the detrimental ability of AI –similar to other existing technologies– if utilized by the wrong parties or created with malicious motives. 

As stated by Musk, Artificial intelligence has the potential of being destructive. During a discussion session with Fox, he noted that AI is likely to pose more risk than the likes of poorly organized aircraft structures or production supervision. Although admitting the low possibility, he stated that it is significant as AI can obliterate civilization. 

Musk backed up his statement by highlighting that any individual who believes that there is zero risk attached to AI technology is rather gullible. 

Contrastingly, other tech giants like Bill Gates have maintained a positive notion of artificial intelligence and the positive effect it can have on civilization. 

On the 13th of April, Amazon was published as the newest technological firm to become a part of the ongoing actions for the development of artificial intelligence services.