04-12-2023 icon

Elon Musk Allegedly Purchases GPU in Thousands for Twitter’s AI Initiative

By Lucy Adegbe

Elon Musk, the owner of SpeceX, Tesla as well as Twitter seemed to have gotten so much attention when he headed an address to suspend artificial intelligence (AI) expansion as a result of the masses’ worries. Notwithstanding such action, the tech tycoon appears to be rushing along with a personal outline for expanding the AI base.

A publication put forward by Business Insider discloses that Musk is likely hitting steps towards outline for an AI initiative at Twitter. As noted by two unnamed informants knowledgeable about the firm, the Twitter chair just bought about 10,000 graphics processing units (GPUs) intended to be utilized on the platform.

This surfaced after a Twitter update from Musk, on the 18th of March, with content notifying that the platform would utilize AI to figure out and spotlight alteration of public ideas on the social platform.

The unnamed informants allegedly highlighted that the initiative is still in its infant phase, however, the acquisition of such a tremendous quantity of GPUs indicates that Musk is dedicated to it. One of the anonymous informants mentioned that the initiative functions with extensive language models. 

Nonetheless, both parties highlighted that the specific function of generative AI on the social media platform is still vague.

In the previous month, twitter made an addition to its team, by opting for engineers like Manuel Kroiss and Igor Babuschkin, both of which are professionals in the AI domain.