11-24-2022 icon

Crypto community responds to Sam Bankman-Fried’s continued public appearances

By Lucy Adegbe

Ex-FTX chair Sam Bankman-Fried has repeatedly called for the fury of the digital currency community, currently with his scheduled attendance for a New York summit which is to hold on the 30th of November.

Certain crypto participants have been moved to query the ex-CEO’s freedom to wander willingly despite his role in the situation from the past weeks.

SBF published a Wednesday tweet, saying that he is one of the attendees scheduled to discuss with the NYT reporter Andrew Sorkin during this year’s DealBook Conference holding next Wednesday. 

Andrew Ross Sorkin also corroborated the report, highlighting, in a Twitter post, that there are tons of vital questions that await.

Crypto Twitter community reacts…

Participants in the digital currency space have expressed disappointment at the report, remarking that the SBF ought to be apprehended rather than being allowed free access to roam and give speeches at summits.

United States Lawyer and owner of Digital Currency Law  John Deaton tweeted that if SBF is allowed to sell out his narrative during the upcoming summit, instead of being apprehended with counts of theft and fraud, then the legal system may have been “compromised.”

On-air star and Bitcoin supporter Layah Heilpern tweeted that the freedom granted to SBF as an attendee to the summit seem “disgusting” as he should have been taken into custody and scrutinized for fraud.

On Wednesday, United States representatives Elizabeth Warren, and Sheldon Whitehouse alongside chief law officer Merrick Garland and his deputy Kenneth Polite, proposed that the national Justice Unit open a proper scrutiny action on SBF and other administration of the bankrupt protocol FTX.