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Convert Bitcoin to Naira Using Nairaex – The Story of Folarin

By Lucy Adegbe

Crypto exchanges such as Nairaex, are one of the trusted digital platforms that enhance the conversion of cryptocurrencies to naira and vice-versa.

Despite the bearish state of the market and further decline the value of crypto assets prompted the insolvency of several crypto- based platforms such as Terra, Celsuis and FTX, Nigerians still trade crypto tokens just like every other day.

Over a year after the Central Bank of Nigeria restricted banks from facilitating crypto transactions, Nigeria still stands as an emerging market for Bitcoin and other alt coins, all thanks to the development of P2P platforms which facilitate millions of dollars in trading volume daily.

Folarin, a resident of Lagos, is among the Nigerians who trade Bitcoin daily. He began trading on Naira ex after a friend referred him to try the platform. As a Corporate worker going through the hardship of present day Nigeria, Folarin definitely needs a means of passive income to cater for other basic needs which his salary may not be able to meet. Hence, the choice to trade Crypto using Nairaex.

In a brief chat, Folarin shares his Nairaex story.

  • What is your name?

My name is Folarin and I live in Lagos,Nigeria.

  • What do you do for a living?

I am a corporate worker

  •  How did you discover Nairaex?

I trade crypto, one day, i had an issue with a particular exchange and someone recommended Nairaex to me and the rest is history.

  • How has your experience with Nairaex been?

Nairaex has excellent service. I trade Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies with ease using the local naira. Even when I had a challenge once, I sent an email to the customer service and it was sorted out swiftly.

  • Would you recommend Nairaex to your friends?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Nairaex to everyone- who wants to change their coins for Naira. This is because when something is good, you do not enjoy it alone. The platform is trusted and their customer service is reliable.