06-22-2022 icon

Cloudflare service interruption impedes multiple exchanges

By Lucy Adegbe

Users of various websites have encountered the “500 Internal Server Error” while being unable to visit these websites as a result of Cloudflare downtime.

Cloudflare, an important web performance infrastructure, was recently confronted with an extensive challenge that led to a time-out for many digital currency exchanges. 

The content distribution network verified in a Tuesday update that there have been detected hitches in its network service that are currently being rectified. However, there was no further information highlighting the nature and cause of the problem that led to a global crypto service freeze. 

Cloud Clare, the enabling infrastructure to secure online publications, has publicly rendered web services to different enterprises within the last three years and this outage is not the first. The web content network distributor had a similar downtime that affected important websites in August 2020.

Crypto trading platform FTX updated its users via its Twitter space about the current difficulty in getting through to its site as well as many other sites. The tweet also affirmed that its platform is temporarily hooked on the “post-only” style. 

OKEx and Bitfinex also posted a similar tweet explaining to their users that the popped-up server error isn’t their fault but Cloudflare’s. 

Research showed that this outage “500 internal server error” is also affecting broadcast protocol Discord and the likes of Zerodha and Upstox stock brokerage platforms.