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Changing Your Bitcoin to Naira using Nairaex- Nigeria’s Premier Bitcoin Exchange

By Lucy Adegbe

Crypto exchanges are digital marketplaces where users buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. 

In February 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria, once more effected stricter measures to forestall the trading of cryptocurrencies. 

A year later, Nigeria still poses as a growing market for Bitcoin and other crypto transactions as Nigerians quickly switched to different p2p platforms generating and processing millions of dollars in volume daily.

Abiola Abdullahi, residing in the commercial city of Lagos, Nigeria, operates one of the popular phones, laptops and accessories shops in Computer village. 

Some years ago, like other Nigerian businessmen, Abiola started dealing with BTC and when the government clamped down on Deposit Money Banks to desist from trading bitcoin and other crypto transactions, he soon found himself stranded. Fortunately, a friend introduced him to Nairaex. 

It is important to note that like other Nigerians, Abiola’s act is not one of obeisance but one which highlights the struggles of Nigerian business owners in hedging against high inflation rates and currency devaluation, navigating difficulty in remittances and inculcating business-technological advancement into Africa’s biggest economy. 

Here, he shares his Nairaex experience.

What is your name and where do you reside?

My name is Abiola Abdullahi and I live in Lagos Nigeria.

What do you do for a living?

I sell phones, laptops and other accessories in computer village. I also have an online store called

What brought you to Nairaex?

I deal with BTC and make transactions on the blockchain network, but at a point I couldn’t sell directly on the blockchain again.

What do you use Nairaex for?

I use Nairaex to exchange my Bitcoin for naira and purchase more business goods.

How has your experience with Nairaex been?

Nairaex is a superb service, it is easy, fast and very secure.

How has Nairaex helped in other areas of your life and business?

Nairaex taught me how to be efficient in running my business, that way I am able to gain more customers.

If I am not able to sell my coin, there is no way I will purchase more goods to better my life and expand my business.

Would you recommend Nairaex to someone?

What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. So yes I recommend Nairaex to everyone who wants to exchange their coin. They are very reliable and you certainly will have no regrets.