06-21-2022 icon

Celsius alerts users about fraudulent affiliate accounts, halts Twitter, AMA usage

By Lucy Adegbe

About a week after crypto protocol Celsius Network halted withdrawal activities, it has notified its community about the persistent rise in false social accounts alleging to be an associate of the firm.Β 

In a recent blog post, the company highlighted that the community should be more receptive as most of these social accounts pry themselves β€œto be associated with Celsius.”

The firm further revealed its move to halt some of its contact media such as its Twitter and ask-me-anything (AMA) channels to concentrate on its deficit operation challenges.

Celsius Network also explained its persistence in relating with necessary controllers concerning the swap, transfer, and withdrawal suspension to get a lasting remedy. Still, there was no update related to the time for resumption of these surrounding activities on the platform. 

A Monday update stated that Celsius’s top investor BnKToTheFuture alongside its co-owner Simon Dixon has proposed a means that could help elevate Celsius from its current liquidity issue. This recovery plan is in line with the one adopted to revive Bitfinex from its encountered Bitcoin compromise in August 2016.

Meanwhile, there have been some Twitter movements supporting Celsius to earn back quality and utility. Twitter platform user TheTwitOnline has played a vital role in helping this movement trend in the various finance sections of the online space.