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CAVEAT EMPTOR: Binance 5,000 Bitcoin Giveaway Scam

By Sagetwriter

Our diligent attention has been drawn to scam posers using the identity of the Binance trading platform.

The scammers claim Binance is offering a 5,000 Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway in celebration of its 2nd year anniversary. This report is false; as verifiable from a pinned tweet on the official Twitter handle of Binance.

Scam Binance Bitcoin Giveaway

Kindly note the use of a photoshop image showing a verified Binance handle in the munched screenshot. These false claims are also propagated by fake individual accounts saying they have received their own bitcoin (BTC); thorough a www.5000get.com link.

See verified Binance handle and giveaways here

Always Do Your Own Research (DYOR)!