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    .Crypto Domain Names to Replace Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses

    Unstoppable Domains – a cryptocurrency domain name start-up has launched its .crypto domain registry on the Ethereum blockchain.

    According to a press release, the .crypto registry will allow users to connect any cryptocurrency address to their domain, enabling them to receive payments using just the domain name.

    That is, users could now ditch their long alphanumeric wallet address and just send payments to Example.crypto or John.Crypto.

    Payments — Replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human readable names. I own myname.crypto, I attach all of my crypto addresses to it, and I get paid in any currency.

    – Unstoppable Domains explains use of its new .crypto wallet address service

    Unstoppable Domains says under this new service, payments will only require the receiver’s blockchain domain. This will eliminate the need for copy and paste of long cryptocurrency wallet addresses as well as simplify and decentralize payment process which will foster more adoption.

    “We believe that tribalism in the crypto community is slowing down adoption of the technology. .Crypto is a domain name system meant to be used for any cryptocurrency payment and with any cryptocurrency wallet.

    Read about unstoppable domains here

    Other benefits of the service include: the blockchain domain is stored by the ownwer, no third party is required, the domain registration is for lifetime and requires no renewal, domain ownership is transferable.

    This .crypto domain names could prevent cases of error transfers such as BitcoinKeith’s who received 7.8BTC due to a sender’s mistake.

    Would you prefer .crypto domain names over traditional wallet addresses? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    EPL: Watford FC Puts Bitcoin Logo on Kit, Now Accepting BTC

    Watford Football Club has officially announced that the Bitcoin (BTC) symbol will appear on the sleeves of team jerseys, as the club begins accepting BTC for purchase of club kits.

    As posted on the official club Website and Twitter handle, the popular Bitcoin “B” logo will appear on the player’s kits as part of the club’s mega partnership deal deal with Bitcoin betting platform – Sportsbet.io.

    The official post indicates that the introduction of the Bitcoin logo is part of a wider adoption strategy to increase awareness around bitcoin and educate the public on the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

    Details show that the sponsorship is crowd funded and anyone with Bitcoin will benefit from the club sponsors; enjoying access to public LED space during live matches as well as access to exclusive Watford FC merchandise.

    The Hornets will kick off their match against Arsenal FC on Sunday (September 15) in the new kit; with the Bitcoin logo on the sleeve throughout the 2019/2020 EPL season.

    It will be recalled that more soccer and sport teams are joining the crypto band wagon. From NBA to football, there is a growing adoption.

    EPL teams West Ham, Everton, Leicester and Man City have all announced partnership with crypto platforms; and this latest announcement by Watford will increase the scope of publicity for cryptocurrency, bringing Bitcoin awareness to multitude of football fans globally.

    Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are yet to get mainstream acceptance for daily usage; due to fear of volatility and risk, these partnership deals send a message to the public who are beginning to recognize the numerous benefits of cryptocurrency.

    What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency payments for sport merchandise and tickets? Share in the comments.

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    Burger King Now Accepting Bitcoin for Online Orders in Germany

    Global fast-food chainBurger King has begun accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments for online food orders in Germany.

    The new BTC payment option is visible alongside other payment options including PayPal and Visa card on the restaurant’s website; as well as integrated on the Burger King Germany mobile application.

    Burger King is known to offer special snacks, chicken, desserts and other foods in its over ten thousand outlets across 98 countries; with Germany playing host to over 600 outlets.

    This growing incorporation of cryptocurrrency/bitcoin payments for online platforms is championed by a growing need for speed and efficient payment systems in the rapidly involving sales world. At this time, the restaurant looks to offer rapid, scalable mobile and instant payments to its 11 million daily customers.

    It will be recalled that in 2017, Burger King Russia had incorporated cryptocurrency payment; first accepting Bitcoin and going ahead to introduce the restaurant’s own virtual currency called WhopperCoin.

    In 2018, the fast food franchise announced plans to expand to Africa, notably Nigeria and South Africa.

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    Japan’s Largest Gift Card Platform Will Launch Blockchain Gift Cards

    Japanese Gift Card Company – Amaten has announced it will partner blockchain network provider Aelf to issue tokenized gift cards on the blockchain; enabling giftcards to be exchanged and managed using blockchain technology.

    Both companies look to curb fraud by enabling gift cards to be tracked from issuers to customers, to know where the card has been utilized or redeemed.

    According to Amaten boss Tom Kanazawa, the current technology used to issue gift cards are obsolete and have failed to keep up with emerging digital trends and needs. In his words:

    The current system and technology used for gift cards is completely obsolete and dates all the way back to the mid 90s. It still suffers from basic fundamental shortcomings and is very inconvenient. I believe that the gift card industry can be a perfect use case for blockchain. The two are a completely natural fit.

    The chairman further states that the use of blockchain will ensure transparency and eradication of all gift card scam centres.

    Amaten says its blockchain gift card options will kick off in Japan, with a subsequent spread to other countries including China and Korea.

    The Global GiftCard Industry: A Big One

    It is worthy of note that the global gift card industry dominated by brands like Amazon, Apple iTunes and more, is worth over $340 billion; with Japan accounting for $21 billion of this figure.

    From figures and transaction numbers, crypto, gift cards and other digital payments amount for over one billion transactions yearly; and this relevance is given further credibility as preference moves to cashless transactions and online purchases.

    These statistics have steered global brands such as Coinbase to herald the era of crypto gift cards in a bid to offer more dynamic payment options. Although still in its early stages of development, it is predicted that whoever pioneers the blockchain giftcard niche will gain major traction.

    What are your thoughts on Bitcoin Gift Cards/ Blockchain Gift Cards? Share in the comments.

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