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    How Chinese 🧧 New Year Affects ₿itcoin Price

    Volatility in Bitcoin prices are expected over the weekend as China celebrates the Chinese New Year. Trading activity will be lower, resulting in lower demand for Bitcoin from the Asian region. 

    After rising above $9,000 per Bitcoin, prices have dropped by almost 10% over seven days. Sharp falls were experienced at the end of the week as the sentiment of the cryptocurrency swung. 

    The year of the rat begins this weekend as Bitcoin Price Settles

    The year of the rat begins on January 25 2020. The year is a symbol of wealth and surplus in Chinese culture.

    Many elders in China believe that the year of the rat presents a year of new opportunity for everyone. To succeed, as in all endeavours worthy of pursuit, one must carry out enough detailed preparation for the road ahead. 

    Such planning may involve a purchase of cryptocurrency. An investment plan in cryptocurrency goes a long way in defining one’s future as part of a new class of digital natives. Choose crypto. Choose NairaEx

    A Mass Market for Bitcoin and Alternative Cryptocurrencies

    China continues to push the envelope in its support for blockchain technology. In 2019 its state-backed tech workgroup released their fifteenth blockchain technology assessment with Ethereum ranking in the third position. The ranking took place after Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork. China promoted Ethereum (ETH) to second place in the rankings, trading places with Tron (TRX). 

    Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble- Full Documentary

    Blockchain technology (which Bitcoin is based on) is becoming an increasingly important tool for the world’s global powers such as China. As the trade and currency competition between the USA and China intensifies, expectations rise for the creation of state-backed digital currencies. 

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    Crypto Christmas: 5 Platforms to Buy With Bitcoin This Season

    It’s Christmas again and shoppers in Nigeria and globally are buying gifts and household items for the season.

    While many use e-commerce platforms such as Jumia and Amazon which have made online purchases easier, these platforms do not offer the cryptocurrency alternative for an increasing number of millennial shoppers who seek to buy items using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

    It is a well known fact that during the yuletide season, shoppers have a hard time with fiat payments as most financial institutions are closed for holidays and banking services hence become very slow.

    This is in contrast to crypto which offers 365/24/7 utility to users globally and is devoid of the banking delays and payment hurdles.

    Bitcoin/crypto payments aid speedy transactions, no charge backs, no third party delays, and offer cheaper fees than fiat payments.

    A setback to the acceptance of crypto payments by many retailers and stores has been the issue of ‘volatility’. However, with the current fundamentals and growing technology of the 10-yer old crypto industry championed by Bitcoin, there is room for solutions to this setback.

    Now, let’s see top websites that accept bitcoin payments for choice items and travelling needs this holiday season.


    Overstock.com ranks as a top choice shopping platform for Bitcoiners especially this Christmas season. It’s customers are offered a wide range of items to purchase including: TV sets, furniture, gift items, sports gear and more; using crypto as payment method.

    The BTC payment process on overstock is simple: Select the “Pay with Bitcoin” option and follow the instructions.

    Overstock.com does not support BTC payments on its mobile site, so you’ll need a PC. In cases of refund, Overstock pays the exact amount of crypto paid at the time of the transaction.

    And yeah Overstock ships to Nigeria.


    Newegg is the perfect platform for tech savvy bitcoin holders. Bitcoiners who seek to purchase latest electronics this Christmas will find the platform’s wide range of gadgets and brands very handy.

    Items from personal computers, desktops, sound sytems, high-end gaming devices and more are available on Newegg.

    Here, users can make BTC payment by choosing the product and scanning the provided QR code, then proceed to send the amount in bitcoin to the given address. After the funds have been sent, users receive a confirmation email containing purchase and delivery details. Easyyyyyyyyy.

    Intrestingly, Newegg ships to Nigeria, and 7 other African countries.


    There seems to be a crypto shopping website for everyone. At Olodolo, fashion lovers are served the latest clothing, jewelry and cosmetic items.

    Olodolo specifically helps people buy items on Aliexpress using  any of these 3 cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

    Buy fashion items with Bitcoin on Olodolo.com

    Delivery is available to a large number of countries worldwide; with the total to be paid including shipping and related tax specified on each order.


    The Christmas season comes with lots of travel, as bitcoiners link up with family and loved ones after a good trading year. LOL.

    CheapAir is the perfect choice for discounted flight tickets to choice destinations worldwide.

    The platform features an easy process to book flights and complete payment using Bitcoin. The rate of BTC exchange is based on the value of the digital currency at the time of booking.

    A great choice for travelers.


    For people looking to send gift cards to their loved ones this Christmas, eGifter does the work.

    eGifter enables customers to buy a wide range of gift cards from the choicest brands such as Amazon, Apple store, Adidas, Steam and GameStop gift cards.

    Giftcards can be purchased here using digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, LTC and ETH.

    On payment completion, the user receives the choice giftcard in either physical or digital e-code.

    eGifter also offers regular customer discounts through a points system which on accumulation allows the user enjoy numerous benefits.

    There’s so much more!!!

    Note: This publication is simply a Guide not an endorsement of the retailer’s services. See reviews and policies applicable to your country before placing any orders.

    Did you know? Nigeria’s Premier Bitcoin exchange- NairaEx has launched a new service named ‘NairaEx Pay‘ – a platform that allows you integrate and instantly process Bitcoin payments to Naira on your online retail store. See full details here.

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    How to Buy Bitcoin Using a Bitcoin ATM

    Buying Bitcoin through exchanges and peer-to-peer purchases are very common, however it is also possible to buy Bitcoin using a Bitcoin ATM (Automated Teller Machine).

    What is a Bitcoin ATM?

    Just like regular fiat money ATM, a Bitcoin ATM is an internet-connected kiosk that allows you buy bitcoin or sell bitcoin and withdraw cash. Bitcoin ATMs support the use of cash or debit card to make coin purchases.

    How  Does it Work?

    BTC or cryptocurrency ATMs come in two basic types.

    Uni-directional (fiat to crypto) ATM: This type only allows you deposit cash in the ATM and receive a paper wallet or scan a QR code to receive your BTC.

    Bi-directional Bitcoin ATM: This type of ATMs offers you the opportunity to buy bitcoin from the machine at the spot, or sell your BTC and withdraw cash from the ATM.

    There are also multi-cryptocurrency ATMs which support purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the same machine.

    Bitcoin ATMs offer an instant method of buying Bitcoin as you do not go through vendor hassles, and it lets you buy or sell privately.

    How to Buy on a Bitcoin ATM

    Buying Bitcoin on a Bitcoin ATM could be confusing, so we advise you take time to follow every step.

    1. At Bitcoin ATM click on “Buy Bitcoin”.
    2. Select Bitcoin or other coin in case of multi-cryptocurrency ATM.
    3. Next Click Scan QR code.
    4. Proceed to Scan your wallet QR Code.
    5. Insert cash amount into the machine.
    6. Wait on processing, then click “Send bitcoin”.
    7. Click on finish.
    8. Take your printed receipt / paper wallet containing Bitcoin keys to be transferred later on to your wallet.

    How to Sell Bitcoin Using Bitcoin ATM

    1. At Bitcoin ATM select ‘Cash Withdrawal’ option.
    2. Select Bitcoin or other coin you want to sell.
    3. Key-in amount you want to sell or withdraw.
    4. Send the bitcoins to wallet QR code shown on ATM screen.
    5. Allow to process.
    6. Confirm and take your cash.

    Note that: Bitcoin ATM procedures vary according to vending company, however the above steps are common.

    How to Send Bitcoins from ATM Paper Wallet to Your Online Wallet

    For some Bitcoin ATMs, once your cash deposit is confirmed, the machine prints out a Paper Wallet – a piece of paper which holds your purchased Bitcoin.

    The paper wallet contains a public and a private Bitcoin key (2 separate alphanumeric addresses). To access your Bitcoin BTC, you are required to import the private keys/address on the paper into your online or blockchain wallet.

    To do this using Blockchain.com wallet:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Select address
    3. Click on Import address
    4. Type or scan the paper wallet private key
    5. Once confirmed, the funds from your paper wallet will be transferred to your blockchain wallet.

    Note that transferring Bitcoin from paper wallet to your online wallet is a sensitive process and should only be done when you have carefully understood the steps.

    In some cases, it could take longer probably a few hours after importing before the funds are spendable (available for sending) out from your blockchain wallet to any other wallet. You are advised to wait.

    Also do not share or expose the private keys on the paper wallet, as any one who has access to them has access to your BTC.

    How to Locate a Bitcoin ATM

    To find the nearest Bitcoin ATM in your city, all you have to do is use any of the Bitcoin ATM services such as Coin ATM Radar or Bitcoin Depot to locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM to you.

    The Coin ATM Radar service also shows you a list of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, their purchase limits, fees, whether they are Buy only, Sell only or bi-directional (buy and sell) bitcoin ATMs.

    Challenges of Bitcoin ATMs

    • There are no Bitcoin ATMs in Nigeria currently.
    • Bitcoin ATM operators are known to charge high transaction fees (up to 7%) for buying or selling Bitcoin; unlike buying on exchanges such as NairaEx which is free to buy or sell.

    While Bitcoin ATMs come in handy, they do not beat the ease and No fees you get from buying Bitcoin on NairaEx.

    NairaEx is Nigeria’s premier bitcoin exchange and has over the years offered different ways for Nigerians to buy/sell Bitcoin BTC. Including buying Bitcoin with Bank, Debit or Credit Card all done instantly on its website. Nairaex.com.

    NairaEx charges NO FEES for buy or sell, instant payouts, and 24/7 service. The NairaEx platform also recently launched an array of new services:

    NairaEx Pay which allows individuals, businesses, and companies integrate Bitcoin payments on their website, as well as accept bitcoin payments converted directly to their bank account.

    The NairaEx platform is safe and easy. No stress, no transport to ATMs, no long queues.

    Trade with NairaEx today. Enjoy instant payouts, trusted and efficient service.

    Fun Fact: There are about 6,000 Bitcoin ATMs globally. 65% of these are in the United States. Africa has 6, Nigeria is yet to get its first Bitcoin ATM.

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    Introducing NairaEx Pay

    Nigeria’s premier Bitcoin exchange, NairaEx has launched a first of many crypto projects, offering Nigerians easy crypto/bitcoin services across the country.

    The new service called NairaEx Pay – is a payment gateway which offers users (companies, businesses and individuals) a platform to accept and process bitcoin payments automatically.

    According to the exchange, the emerging use of digital currency (Bitcoin) for payment of goods and services has prompted the new service. One which will allow companies accept Bitcoin payments globally and receive payments in bitcoin or converted ‘naira’ to their bank accounts.

    The NairaEx Pay service offers businesses and online stores or individuals an opportunity to integrate Bitcoin payment options on their website or online stores.

    How to Register

    Customers are required to first create an account here: Pay.NairaEx.com.

    • On the web homepage, Click on ‘SignUp’ and complete registration form.
    • Verify your email address through verification link sent.

    How to Accept Your Bitcoin Payments Using NairaEx Pay

    • Login to your NairaEx Pay Account.
    • Click on ‘Create A New Store’.
    • Enter Store Name’ and click on Create

    PS – NairaEx allows you create and manage an unlimited number of stores. Each store has its unique wallet management portfolio.

    Also, you can Customize Your Store Settings.

    Other Controls: Summary – Allows you view a summary of your store income

    Pay Button – You generate your store payment link here, and can integrate it on your store website or share to customers

    Store details – Here, you can customize store colour, name, address and more here.

    Invoices: Allows you View details of invoice/receipts form store payments.

    How to Withdraw Store Income

    You can withdraw your store income in Bitcoin or Naira through these steps:

    Enter amount and choice bitcoin (BTC) wallet address for withdrawal’.

    Click on Submit withdraw request.

    Note that fees apply for Bitcoin BTC withdrawals.

    To Withdraw Naira

    NairaEx Pay wil convert your Bitcoin balance to Naira and withdraw to your Nigerian bank account. To do this:

    • Enter withdrawal amount.
    • Confirm that the name of recipient matches the bank account holder name.
    • Fill in bank details and submit withdrawal request.

    You can also change account recipient details by navigating to Profile on the menu bar, fill in new details and click update account details.

    How Do I Update Store Profile Details

    You can update your NairaEx Pay details such as Name, Email, Password, 2FA, Phone, and NGN Bank account details by simply navigating to the profile tab in the menu bar, fill in new details and click update.

    Why Use NairaEx Pay

    There are 101 reasons to use NairaEx Pay, here are our top 5:

    • NairaEx Pay offers businesses and individuals fast BTC payments to cash or bank conversion and vice versa.
    • Parent company NairaEx has served Nigerians for years; this new platform is a first in Nigeria and an extension of its great products and customer service.
    • With NairaEx Pay you get your payments directly, no chargebacks, no high fees, no interest charges on your BTC store payments.
    • NairaEx Pay is easy to use and can be immediately integrated on your online store or website.

    Register Now to get started. Like, Share and Comment.

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    Moon Browser Extension Allows You Pay With Bitcoin (BTC) On Amazon

    A new browser extension now enables customers to make payments on Amazon using cryptocurrencies.

    Developed by fintech and crypto firm – Moon Technologies Inc, the Moon browser extension offers users an online gateway to buy goods with Bitcoin (BTC) via the Lightining Network.

    According to the report, it defines the role of the Lightning Network thus: “What the Lightning Network does is it establishes a payment channel that is outside of the main blockchain – a.k.a. off-chain approach – that enables multiple transactions without affecting the main block. This makes multiple small purchases possible without incurring hefty fees.”

    Customers can use any Bitcon wallet (such as Electrum) which offers support for Lightning Network to make instant cryptocurrency transactions. Other supported cryptocurrencies by the Moon extension include Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and BitcoinCash (BCH).

    The web extension is currently available on various internet browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, and blockchain browser Brave.

    See here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/moon-shop-with-bitcoin

    At this time, the Moon service is only operational in the United States, with expected expansion to other countries soon.

    Note that: While e-commerce brands such as Newegg, Overstock.com and other major retailers have already integrated crypto payments, Amazon is yet to add this option. What the Moon extension does is to convert crypto payments to fiat (cash); and send to Amazon without any additional fees.

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    .Crypto Domain Names to Replace Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses

    Unstoppable Domains – a cryptocurrency domain name start-up has launched its .crypto domain registry on the Ethereum blockchain.

    According to a press release, the .crypto registry will allow users to connect any cryptocurrency address to their domain, enabling them to receive payments using just the domain name.

    That is, users could now ditch their long alphanumeric wallet address and just send payments to Example.crypto or John.Crypto.

    Payments — Replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human readable names. I own myname.crypto, I attach all of my crypto addresses to it, and I get paid in any currency.

    – Unstoppable Domains explains use of its new .crypto wallet address service

    Unstoppable Domains says under this new service, payments will only require the receiver’s blockchain domain. This will eliminate the need for copy and paste of long cryptocurrency wallet addresses as well as simplify and decentralize payment process which will foster more adoption.

    “We believe that tribalism in the crypto community is slowing down adoption of the technology. .Crypto is a domain name system meant to be used for any cryptocurrency payment and with any cryptocurrency wallet.

    Read about unstoppable domains here

    Other benefits of the service include: the blockchain domain is stored by the ownwer, no third party is required, the domain registration is for lifetime and requires no renewal, domain ownership is transferable.

    This .crypto domain names could prevent cases of error transfers such as BitcoinKeith’s who received 7.8BTC due to a sender’s mistake.

    Would you prefer .crypto domain names over traditional wallet addresses? Share your thoughts in the comments.