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Blockchain Browser Gets 15 Million Active Users

By calvin
blockchain browser

Brave Browser, which uses blockchain technology, has hit a new milestone, passing 15 million active users. Brave has experienced a growth of 50% since the Brave 1.0 launch in November.

Blockchain Browser Serves More Users

This rising rate of users presents a 125% growth over the last year and 5 million daily users.

According to a publication by Brave,

“Monthly active users pass the 15 million mark with 15.4 million users, a growth of 50% since the Brave 1.0 launch this past November, and of 125% or 2.25x over the past year. Daily active users also went up significantly, with 5.3 million users browsing with Brave on a daily basis, up from 2 million one year ago.” 

Among the most effective causes of Brave’s increased adoption is the Brave Ads Grant Program which continues to provide awareness and support for non-profits, including Khan Academy, Kid Hungry, GetUsPPE, Save the Children, and Unicef France. 

Leading the Way to Mainstream Adoption

In one of his most recent podcast episodes, Joe Rogan reveals that he uses Brave Browser to avoid internet adverts and Google tracking. Brave Browser serves as a fast, prive and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile. Users are able to experience an ad-free browsing experience with Brave. 

The man behind Brave, Brendan Eich (also founder of programming language JavaScript and web browser Mozilla Firefox) is determined to ensure that internet users can benefit greatly from their experiences online with better privacy and earning opportunities for free movement of information. 

Eich created a programming language which makes it easier to design websites across the world.

“Doubters, dominant at Sun and a majority at Netscape, questioned the need for a simpler scripting language: wasn’t Java suitable for scripting; would it be possible to explain why two languages were better than one; and did Netscape have the necessary expertise to create a new language?”