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Blockchain Browser – Brave hit 1 Million New Users in March

By Sagetwriter

Blockchain internet browser – Brave added 1 million new users in March amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The feat was announced by Brave CEO Brendan Eich in a tweet where he notes that the browser’s monthly active users (MAU) had reached 13.5 million, and daily active users (DAU) hit 4.3 million.

Founded in 2015, the Brave browser continues to see increase in its user base, and has become a new favourite for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts; due to its built-in privacy and crypto buy feature.

Brave also offers incentives to content creators, users and advertisers for viewing online ads, with rewards paid in its native crypto – Basic Attention Token (BAT).

A spokesman for the company affirmed: “We’re looking forward to more growth in the coming months as more and more users are becoming aware of Brave’s privacy-by-default approach, as well as the benefits of getting compensated for their attention with Brave Rewards.”

Browser Companies Eye Crypto and Blockchain Technology

With a new quest for online privacy, millennials are increasingly choosing blockchain and privacy focused browsers over others.

Most internet browsers such as Opera have migrated into the industry, with the company expanding its Opera Touch browser this week – which allows users Buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in more EU countries.

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