01-17-2023 icon

Bitcoin Attains Its Post-FTX Highest Trade Rate as Reviewers Cautions Shift “Choreographed”

By Lucy Adegbe
Elizabeth Waren

The largest cryptocurrency by market cap Bitcoin attained a fresh two-months increase in the midnight hours of January 17th causing a strengthened scepticism about the market’s credibility.

Charts displayed by TradingView followed Bitcoin’s movement to regain strength above the $21,000 trade mark after reaching an elevated point of $21,455 as displayed on Bitstamp.

This attained rate hits as the coin’s highest since the commencement of the new year and its most recent bullish comeback achievement with zero hindrance since the fall of crypto exchange FTX.

Given far-reaching scepticism towards this action, new cautions have risen as the cryptocurrency persists to go against forecasts of a significant trade rate reversal.

Reviewing the digital currency order book arrangement for Bitcoin (USD) on the most prominent digital trading protocol Binance, Material Indicators conveyed shock that those who staked for an increased trade rate of Bitcoin have not gone back on their support.

As it further stated, “been expecting the block of bids placed Fri the 13th to the rug, but it attracted over 2x the amount of bid liquidity into the range, which is short-term bullish.”

Crypto whales were published, by Cointelegraph, to have gained a lot of attention following their bulk purchases in the previous week.

Their aim is focused on attracting more stakers that would influence the thin market liquidity.