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7 Helpful Apps and Websites for Crypto Beginners

By Sagetwriter

Investing in cryptocurrency is a financial decision; and as in all things involving finance, you need the right tools to study the market, keep up with info, guides, trending topics, opportunities, market statistics and other information to guide your journey.

Here, we highlight seven (7) helpful tools for every cryptocurrency investor:

CMC could rank as one of the most visited cryptocurrency websites. The CoinMarketCap website shows you a list of about 2,300 cryptocurreencies in the market, and provides their real-time prices with market movement.

CoinMarketCap offers information on total market capitalization, trading volume, circulating supply, coin historical data (such as all-time high, percentage ROI) and more.

You could also view coin charts, daily gains, as well as direct links to the individual coin platforms.

Is an easy to use website that allows you to keep an eye on Bitcoin’s real-time price in terms of fiat; that is BTC/USD, BTC/NGN, BTC/GBP, BTC/CAD, BTC/AUD and other Bitcoin/fiat currency pair.

Preev.com collates coin prices across four global exchanges, as it also offers price info for Litecoin (LTC) and DogeCoin (XDG).

A social network platform for traders covering Stock, Futures, Forex and Cryptocurrency markets.

Using the trading view ‘Crypto Screener’ you can view charts of your choice cryptocurrency and carryout technical analysis. A huge plus of the trading view cryptocurrency section is its IDEA category which allows you read the opinions and predictions of top crypto traders on the movement of the market.

At the TECHNICAL section, you can gauge of market sentiment (fear, greed, buy) using various indicators and time frames.

There is also a news section beneath the charts as well as coin/usd prices on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • BlockFolio

Blockfolio is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. A portfolio refers to a collection of all your interested coins or cryptocurrencies you hold.

Blockfolio is a free app and allows you monitor over 8,000 coins and tokens. The Blockfolio platform is available as website and an app; offering users a cryptocurrency news section, a signal section for new projects and coin markets tracker.

Nigeria’s most updated bitcoin and cryptocurrency news website. The website keeps you up-to-date with latest crypto stories, coin guides, coin analysis, cryptocurrency events in Nigeria, Africa and  globally.

Bitcoin.ng is the crypto enthusiasts ‘coffee’ website. It also runs a fast and secure Buy/Sell section on its page for instant Bitcoin purchases.

The day traders number 1 platform. Binance is the world’s most popular trading exchange plaform which allows you trade over 2000 cryptocurrency pairs for profit.

Binance also provides access to charts, order books, exchange announcements, coin launching and other info.

  • Blockchain.com

Blockchain.com is a widely used cryptocurrency (bitcoin) online wallet. It allows you send, store and receive Bitcoin. The wallet offers support for about five coins including Bitcoin (BTC), BCH, XLM, ETH, and USD PAX.

Available as an app and website, the blockchain wallet offers a secure way to store your coins.

Another great feature is its ‘block explorer’ which allows you search and view all transactions made on each cryptocurrency address on the blockchain.

OTHERS: Delta app, CryptoTrader, Coin Ticker, Cryptobubbly (Android) – Uses a special water bubble theme to show you all coin prices. CoinPaper (Andriod) – Gives you live coin prices right on your wall paper, and offers added functionality for live charts graph etc.

All are available on the Google Play Store.

What’s your best cryptocurrency app or website? Share in the comments