11-24-2022 icon

10,000 BTC Leaves Digital Currency Wallet Connected To The Mt. Gox Attack

By Lucy Adegbe

A digital currency wallet owned by the suspended digital currency protocol BTC-e recorded a transfer of 10,000 BTC, currently valued at around $165 million, to diverse trading protocols, private wallets and other addresses on Wednesday.

According to Chainalysis information, on November 23, this transfer was recorded as the highest done by BTC-e since the fourth month of 2018. However, the protocol and its replacement WEX transferred bits of BTC to the Russian-established payment service Webmoney on October 26, after that depositing a trial fee on November 11th which was followed by a transfer of 100 Bitcoin on November 21st. 

About 9,950 Bitcoins of the whole portion is speculated to be found in personal wallets. In contrast, the balance has been made to go through mediators before settling in four distinct payment locations of two prominent trading platforms. 

In the early hours of Thursday, research protocol Cryptoquants’ co-owner and chair Ki Young Ju tweeted proof that Bitcoin was left in the address for more than 7 years. Young Ju also noted that about 65 bitcoins were sent into the trading protocol HitBTC and has notified the protocol to halt the account in any case of dubious action.

Chainalysis also revealed that at the time of the discontinuation of BTC-e’s operations by the FBI, due to suspected involvement in laundering activities, the protocol had a large quantity of BTC in custody. 

In April 2018, BTC-e sent out more than 30,000 of this coin from its platform’s wallet.