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10 Helpful Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Social Media Influencers and Pages

By Sagetwriter
  • Anthony Pompliano (Twitter)

American entrepreneur and investor, Pomp is a popular figure on ‘Crypto Twitter’. He boasts of a following of about 250k, and is known for his regular content and vocal support for cryptocurrency adoption.

American entrepreneur and investor, Pomp is a popular figure on ‘Crypto Twitter’. He boasts of a following of about 250k, and is known for his regular content and vocal support for cryptocurrency adoption.

Following Pomp offers you access to regular updates on the global cryptocurrency market in comparison to stocks and other related assets. His notable tweets are his ‘This Week in Crypto’ – where he highlights and analyses trending crypto topics from the week.

Another benefit will include having to view the opinions and engage in a discuss with other crypto enthusiasts on his page.

Pomp’s tweets also make regular headlines as crypto quotes. See handle: @APompliano

  • Andreas Antonopolous (Twitter) @aantonop

Andreas is a Greek-British Bitcoin advocate and author of books – Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money. He has been actively involved in the space since 2012, writing articles and providing consultancy on bitcoin, open blockchains and many more crypto topics. Despite Andreas diverse interests, his over 400k followers on Twitter are courtesy of his crypto affiliation; as h alsoe runs the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast.

  • Altcoin Daily (YouTube)

A daily informative YouTube channel dedicated to sharing news market movements and other bitcoin/altcoin related information. Altcoin daily offers tips on BTC/altcoin price predictions and market sentiment.

Feel free to subscribe and stay tuned daily.

  • Bitcoin_Chief (Instagram)

Nigerian-born Bitcoin investor and entrepreneur, Gaius Chibueze is bringing the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gospel to Africa and Nigeria. Gaius says he discovered Bitcoin since 2011, and has at this time successfully trained hundreds in his day trading school.

The Bitcoin Chief as he is popularly called offers followers a mix of cryptocurrency guide and entrepreneurship tips.

Gaius is set to launch a real estate and shopping cryptocurrency for Africa dubbed TATCoin. Follow on instagram: @bitcoin_chief.

  • CZ Binance (Twitter)

Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is the CEO of world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange – Binance. A former member of the blockchain.info team, CZ is a notable crypto advocate and his status sure breeds crypto disciples.

A major plus on CZ’s twitter is it keeps you updated with official Binance announcements, coin listings and discussions around the cryptocurrency community.

CZ is known to express his opinions on the global cryptocurrency market and as the huncho of the number one crypto trading platform he is sure an authority and mouth piece in this niche.

Follow CZ on Twitter: @cz_binance.

  • Toyosi Abolarin (Instagram)

Another Nigerian bitcoin, fintech and blockchain technology advocate, Toyosi has helped educate, train and enlighten crypto enthusiasts in the country. He has alliances with foreign brands and looks to spread crypto and blockchain gospel across borders.

Toyosi’s crypto ministry is unique as he offers hangouts for people interested in cryptocurrency, free whatsapp training, live instagram Q &A sessions where he invites guest speakers and a host of other networking opportunities in the industry.

One of his platforms is the ‘BTC Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) website: www.dcabtc.com.

Meet Toyosi on instagram: @toyosiabolarin

  • r/Bitcoin (Reddit)

 With over 1 million members, the r/Bitcoin community on reddit is a pretty interesting one. The community is dedicated to all things Bitcoin and crypto. It offers a discussion platform and info on trending stories. There are also sub-reddits for r/Bitcoin General and r/Bitcoin Price Talk.

Join Reddit here

  • Peter Brandt (Twitter)

Peter Brandt is described as the world’s oldest trader of classical charting principles since 1980. Brandt is the popular author of Amazon’s number one trading book – Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader.

Armed with the perfect knowledge of trading and charting skills, Peter is an asset to the bitcoin/crypto community; as he regularly shares a host of predictions on price movement backed by precedence and current trends.

Peter predicted Bitcoin’s fall to the $9,500 region months back as well as notably describing BTC as “an asset like no other, one in its fourth parabolic phase”.

Follow on Twitter: @PeterLBrandt

  • Roger Ver (Twitter)

Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com, turned hardcore promoter of Bitcoin Cash; Roger Ver is an early investor in Bitcoin  and has been known popularly as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ for his promotion of Bitcoin and investment in bitcoin start-ups like BitPay, Kraken, and Blockchain.info.

Though at this time, he has been critical of Bitcoin core (BTC) while fully promoting BitcoinCash (BCH), he has still maintained his support for cryptocurrency in general. Meet him @rogerkver

  • Vitalik Buterin (Twitter, GitHub):

Co-founder of Ethereum (ETH). The ETH cryptocurrency is currently the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Bitcoin (BTC). This feat is a result of Buterin’s work ethic and the ETH development team – which has expanded to a decentralized development platform for many cryptocurrency projects.

Vitalik’s ETH cryptocurrency has laid the basics for many other altcoins which have been built on its native blockchain.

Vitalik boasts of a large following on Twitter, about 800k to whom he readily dishes out tweets on Ethereum development and other bitcoin/cryptocurrency information. Follow on Twitter: @VitalikButerin

Notable Mentions: NairaEx (Instagram @NairaEx), Bitcoin.ng (Facebook, Website), Erik Finman (Twitter @erikfinman) – Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire, Ian Ballina (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter), Tim Draper (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln), John McAfee, Tyler Winklevoss, WolfOf Bitcoins, Erik Voorhees (Twitter @ErikVoorhees), Charlie Lee (Twitter @SatoshiLite – Founder Litecoin LTC). Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO @jack and newly initiated bitcoin advocate, has launched development teams and projects such as CashApp – an easy to buy bitcoin app for America).

Were any of your favourite crypto influencers left out? Share bio in the comments.

Kindly note: Influencers are not market makers, so always Do Your Own Research (DYOR). Also check verified handles before following.